Welcome, friends!

I hope you enjoy your visit here. I first started sharing my recipes as Facebook Notes, until my friends there started asking how they could share them with their friends; so I gathered up my courage and tiptoed into the world of blogging via Tumblr. As interest started “cooking,” my wonderful hubby set me up here at WordPress with my own domain. (All the content from my previous blog moved here as well.) Let me know what you think, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference!

Let’s Do Brunch!

One of my favorite meals to eat out is brunch. I can’t really offer a precise definition of this hybrid term, other than “in-between” – as the word itself is a cross between breakfast and lunch, so is the meal itself: either the cuisine, or the time of day, or both. Here, I present some of my favorite brunches from the past few years. Enjoy!


Alderwood smoked salmon frittata with herbed cream cheese and home fries at Bluegrass Grill



Crab and shrimp cake Benedict from Lakeshore Grille



Biscuit with local sausage and eggs and a side of stone ground grits from The Farmer’s Daughter



Eggs Benedict florentine with hash brown casserole from The Big Chill



Farmer’s Omelette (sausage, mushroom, onion, and cheese omelette on home fries covered in gravy) at City Cafe Diner



Shrimp and grits from Foodworks



Two eggs with sausage and hash brown patties at Karl’s Family Restaurant



Breakfast special from Southern Traditions


The very best brunch I’ve ever eaten, I unfortunately did not get a good photo of. But it was Pickett’s Trout Benedict over griddle cakes with champagne Hollandaise and a side of shaved Brussel sprouts, from 212 Market on Valentine’s Day in 2015.