Welcome to my virtual kitchen!

I hope you enjoy your visit here, whether it’s your first time or your 30th. I first started sharing my recipes as Facebook Notes, until my friends started asking how they could share them with their friends; so I gathered my courage and tiptoed into the world of blogging via Tumblr. As interest in the blog started “cooking,” my wonderful hubby set me up at WordPress with my own domain. (All the content from my previous blog moved here as well.) Let me know what you think, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference!


La Zuppa Diva Ama Il Cibo Italiano!

(The Soup Diva loves Italian food!)

It should be evident to most readers (unless it’s your first visit to my blog) that I love foods from other countries. Thai, Indian, Japanese, Portuguese, Cuban, and several others have become regular favorites, both eating and cooking them. But I have a lifelong love of Italian food — starting with my Mom’s spaghetti with hearty bolognese sauce (although she never called it that).

Our city has a good variety of Italian restaurants with a wide range of price points. We have dined at nearly all of them! Two of the very best even treat you to a free meal on your birthday.