Girls’ Night Out!

Tonight, my friend and fellow blogger Jamie and I went to a movie and dinner to celebrate her birthday (belatedly, as she was out of town on the actual day). We enjoyed Emma very much (we are both confirmed Austen fans) and dining at Aubrey’s. We ran into my friends Connie and John and they invited us to share their table since the restaurant (still new to town) was very busy. Everyone’s food was reported as delicious and all plates were empty; and Jamie brought me a Princess Leia cookie from her birthday trip in Gatlinburg!

Two Janeites in a theatre
Restaurant exterior
Restaurant interior
Specials board
My haystack pasta
Jamie’s citrus pork with rice and tomato bisque
John’s crab stuffed flounder with creamed spinach
[Dregs of] Connie’s Pink Lady
Leia cookie