Italy for the Anniversary

So, a little back story to set up this post: hubby and I met in June of 1998 and started dating almost right afterwards; we were married the next April. On our first date, we met at a local burger joint (no longer in business), then went to the pedestrian bridge over the river and walked across, sharing our first kiss somewhere along the way. Each year, we attend a local music festival that is held along the river right about the anniversary of our first date; but we also have a tradition of celebrating our wedding anniversary near the river as well, at the art district on the bluff overlooking the river, where there is an Italian restaurant, a coffee and pastry shop, and a lovely sculpture garden.

However, this year, it was raining on the day we planned to go to the bluff, so we opted for a nearby Italian restaurant named Rafael’s, which is located in a former Taco Bell building. It’s not fancy, but it’s usually quiet and the food is excellent. Today, I had the lasagna, and hubby had the chicken parmigiana (his favorite Italian dish). We also enjoyed some cheesecake. It may not have been the lovely rustic beauty and artisan house-made pasta of Tony’s, or the delicate pastries of Rembrandt’s Coffee House, but it was delicious all the same!





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