An Atlanta Shopping Adventure

My sister-in-law moved to the Atlanta area a couple of years ago; since then, my mother-in-law has been wanting to have a family weekend together to shop, dine, and visit. We were finally able to schedule it, albeit during the pandemic and all the safety challenges that brings. We had fun and ate well, but boy were we tired!

Saturday morning breakfast at 45 South Coffee Kitchen in charming downtown Norcross

Saturday afternoon at The MOG (Mall of Georgia), 5 Below, and 2nd & Charles, and dinner at The Iron Horse Tavern in Norcross

Sunday breakfast at JR’s Log House Restaurant and shopping at The Container Store

My first-ever trip to Ikea; sadly, the cafe was closed 😕

Dinner on the way home at The Marietta Diner, and some of my new “toys”!


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