A New Way to Water

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So, this is basically a product review, which is a first for me on The Soup Diva blog. But I feel strongly enough about this product that I wanted to share.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing ads for this new water bottle called Cirkul. Now, I have a very difficult relationship with water and water bottles — I love the idea of walking around with a bottle of healthy water, drinking it and refilling it and doing wondrous things for my body. But the truth is, I just don’t enjoy the taste of plain water. I will drink it if I’m thirsty, but what I crave is sweet and fruity beverages. (Yes, I grew up during the 70’s, I’m a Kool-Aid kid.) However, I dislike the idea of putting artificial colors or things like aspartame or saccharin in my body; and as a diabetic, I have to avoid the amount of sugar I eat and (especially) drink. And, even on the rare occasions I could find clear water additives with ingredients I approved of, I still had to deal with the measuring, mixing, and regular washing of the water bottle. These are the reasons why Cirkul appealed to me immediately.

To start with, Cirkul’s bottle is a nice ergonomic design and feels sturdy but lightweight. The lid is secure and includes a loop to attach a carabiner if desired. But the real magic happens with the flavor inserts, called “Sips.” You put the water in the bottle, add a Sip to the top, then turn the dial to your desired level of flavor; then drink! The water gets flavored as it passes through the Sip, meaning that the water in the bottle stays pure. You can turn the flavor up or down, or off completely, and you can switch to a new Sip at any time, storing the first one until you wish to use it again. The spout is part of the Sip, which lasts for 3-6 uses (depending on your chosen level of flavor), so it will rarely need washing because it will be changed fairly often. There are 12 different flavors available for purchase on their website, all made with stevia or sucralose, at a net price of $3.25 per Sip; and you can set up a customized monthly shipment if desired. I definitely plan to do this, because I am hooked!

The best part is that anyone can get the starter kit of bottle, lid, and 2 Sips for free; they just charge $5.00 for shipping. Here is the link. [I’m not being paid or supplemented in any way, I’m just a fan….and I hope to be a healthier fan in the months to come!]


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