“Scalloping” Outside My Comfort Zone

First of all, I love scallops. I love nearly all seafood, but scallops are my all-time favorite. They are probably my all-time favorite food, period. However, the idea of preparing them myself has always been completely intimidating. But after seeing them cooked on TV shows and websites and being assured that they were simple to prepare, I succumbed to my craving and bought some at the grocery to give it a go. And guess what? They were easy, and they were good! I served them with my Real Fettuccine Alfredo, some sauteed shrimp, and a pre-made Cesar salad. I’ve also served them over Instant Pot Cheese Grits. Good eating was done by all!

There is no specific recipe for searing scallops: dry them well, season on both sides, and place in skillet on high with a little oil and/or butter. Turn when the skillet lets go. A few minutes on each side gets it done; better to undercook and let finish in the pan off the heat than overcook and get rubbery. Enjoy!

“Life comes at the edge of your comfort zone” – from the wisdom of Hallmark



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