Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number 13

Today marks the first weekend of true fall weather in our area. We decided to celebrate by going out for breakfast to a new restaurant featured in an episode of Southern and Hungry with one of our favorite TV chefs, Damaris Phillips, and fellow Southerner Rutledge Wood. Syrup and Eggs is located in the old St Elmo fire station, and it is as quirky and charming and unique as we’d imagined. I enjoyed the  daily “Special Stack,” Buttermilk Buttered Popcorn Pancakes with a caramel drizzle and fresh whipped cream, and a lovely perfectly medium poached egg. Hubby had the Blue Cornmeal “Taco” Pancakes, one of the house specialties (which included a hard poached egg, maple pico, and pickled jalapeno peppers) and a side of pork carnitas. We also drank mass quantities of local roaster Mad Priest coffee. It was a beautiful and delicious meal.

After breakfast, we stopped by the pumpkin patch near our house to grab a couple of small decorations (which Labradog thought looked delicious!) We drive by this spot every day going to work, so I’m glad we got a chance to browse and enjoy the fall sights.

This evening, we will spend time with old and dear friends at a potluck supper, where we will bring an old Southern staple, macaroni and cheese. Right now, we’re enjoying the breeze coming in the open screen door and listening to the sound of the dishwasher and washing machine playing in concert while we both blog about our day’s activities. Hooray for fall!


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(If you were counting, there are 13 featured P’s in this post, and today is the 13th of October. Yes, I was raised on Sesame Street.)


One thought on “Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number 13

  1. Tony Burgess October 13, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    It was a lovely breakfast out with you honey. Also picking pumpkins was fun too. Of course the Pokemon hunting was cool as well.

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