Dub’s Is the Place!

Tonight we had dinner at a true local institution. Dub’s Place has been around since the mid-20th century, and still has much of the same retro decor. We have enjoyed getting their milkshakes to go since before we were married; but until recently, having a meal inside with the order window was a challenge due to space constrictions and dining on the patio was usually hot. Now they have enclosed the dining space, including two roll-up sides and air conditioning, and they even Incorporated the original sign into the design!

Their iconic classic is the Crumble Burger; but we went a little more upscale this time. The “Kosher” Burger with pimiento cheese and bacon and their site-smoked barbeque sandwich were both delicious; followed by soft-serve ice cream cones (which didn’t survive long enough to be photographed)!

After dinner, our church had a movie night under the stars; a perfect end to a great night.


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