Snow Cream

In the South of the US, snow cream is well-known but rarely seen anymore, as global warming contributes to warmer and warmer winters. When we have a deep enough snow to collect a bowlful, I have immediate memories of my Dad making this sweet treat for us. It’s usually a race between myself and my former coworker Angie to see who will post about it first.

I can’t post a definitive recipe for snow cream, because there isn’t one. Everyone makes it differently. While I grew up with my Dad’s crunchy, grainy version with real sugar and milk, I tend to prefer Angie’s use of sweetened condensed milk. My sister-in-law (also Angie) used instant coffee, Stevia, and almondmilk for hers and said it was delicious! Essentially, for each serving, you need about 4 times the amount of fluffy snow as you want your end product, enough sweetener to make it taste good, enough creamy liquid to create your desired consistency, and something to flavor it. For 2 servings, I collected a large bowl full of snow, filled each serving bowl to heaping, drizzled in the condensed milk, added a couple of drops of the “good” vanilla, and a splash of regular milk to thin it just a touch. It was a delicious lunch on a lovely snowy Saturday at home!


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