Spicy Peanut Noodles

  • 2 cups cooked protein (chicken, shrimp, or mushrooms)
  • 16 oz medium rice noodles
  • 2 tbsp sesame oil (or other oil of your choice)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp crushed ginger (or 1/2 tsp dried ginger)
  • 2 cups vegetables in bite-size pieces (shown here: broccoli and carrots)
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2-3 tsp chili garlic paste
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Scallions, cilantro, lime wedges, and/or chopped peanuts for garnish

Boil noodles until al dente and drain most of water. During this time, heat oil in skillet on medium heat; add garlic and ginger, salt and pepper, then vegetables and cook until starting to soften. In separate bowl, whisk together peanut butter, soy sauce, honey, fish sauce, and chili paste; adjust seasoning as needed. Transfer noodles to skillet with tongs, add sauce, and toss to coat. Allow to sit at least 5 minutes before serving so noodles can soak up sauce. Garnish as desired.


I successfully made a vegan version of this for National Peanut Butter Day:


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