An Old-School Valentine Date Night

It’s been shared multiple times on my blog that the hubby and I don’t like the traditional, crowded Valentine’s Day dinner out. We enjoy a romantic evening at a nice restaurant if it’s quiet; we enjoy going out on the 14th if it’s not crowded or hard to find parking. So we’ve done a fancy dinner on the day before or after and dinner at home on the 14th, and we’ve done brunch or lunch on the actual day or dinner at a less romantic spot. Last year, we did a dinner train that was reservation-only.

This year, with the news that Pizza Hut would be closing their dine-in service over the next year or so, we decided to revisit some classic date spots of our youth with dinner at the Hut and dessert at Baskin-Robbins. We then went home, swapped candy gifts, and watched “The Space Between Us,” a sweet teen romance with a sci-fi twist. It was a lovely, fun, and casual evening.


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