Let’s Do Brunch!

One of my favorite meals to eat out is brunch. I can’t really offer a precise definition of this hybrid term, other than “in-between” – as the word itself is a cross between breakfast and lunch, so is the meal itself: either the cuisine, or the time of day, or both. Here, I present some of my favorite brunches from the past few years. Enjoy!

20160227_113526Alderwood smoked salmon frittata with herbed cream cheese and home fries at Bluegrass Grill


20150719_123757Crab and shrimp cake Benedict from Lakeshore Grille


20150823_101522Biscuit with local sausage and eggs and a side of stone ground grits from The Farmer’s Daughter


20150628_115713Eggs Benedict florentine with hash brown casserole from The Big Chill


IMG_20170318_102034Farmer’s Omelette (sausage, mushroom, onion, and cheese omelette on home fries covered in gravy) at City Cafe Diner


IMG_20170126_184837Shrimp and grits from Foodworks


12715621_10153998253024917_207712516713942090_nTwo eggs with sausage and hash brown patties at Karl’s Family Restaurant


13920663_10154499040799917_3186863469741745588_nBreakfast special from Southern Traditions


img_20180708_093600Delhi Me In (chickpea flapjacks with sweet potatoes, curry oil, and beet creme fraiche topped with egg) from The Daily Ration

The very best brunch I’ve ever eaten, I unfortunately did not get a good photo of. But it was Pickett’s Trout Benedict over griddle cakes with champagne Hollandaise and a side of shaved Brussel sprouts, from 212 Market on Valentine’s Day in 2015.


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