A’Drift on the River!

To celebrate our first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine this week and the warmer spring temps, we went to a nearby restaurant on the river [that’s been open since 2018 but we didn’t know about until they put up a billboard at the turnoff to our house] that has a nice covered deck for seating. River Drifters is fun, casual, and rustic, but with some seriously tasty and unique food. Hubby pronounced the Reuben one of the best he’s ever had, and the catfish with sidewinder fries and hush puppies was equally delicious. We shared an apple fritter with ice cream that was just decadent. The chef and the owner both came out to meet us and ensure we were satisfied with everything, and told us about the corned beef (cooked in-house and hand-pulled) and house-made sauces. You can even rent kayaks or paddleboards to explore the river, and they have karaoke and other regular events. We assured them we would be back soon!


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